Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Free things!

So this post goes along with the thrifty and frugal-ness of my previous post in a way, but it must be said that I love getting free things!! Lets be honest though who doesn't!? Stuff for free, brilliant!

I graduated a few months ago and it has taken a while to find a job. I'm pleased to say that I'll soon be able to join the ranks of the employed but for all the time that I was job searching I had a few plans of action of how I was going to entertain myself.

My first plan was that I was going to win competitions. I thought that surely if I entered enough, I was bound to win some of them. I think I read somewhere of someone that did this and made loads of money. Anyway, this didn't work. I haven't won a single one yet! Maybe I didn't enter enough.... I  think I gave up too early. I wanted instant gratification!

Anyway.. The second plan which has actually worked was to get loads of free samples! Well I did this and here I proudly present my hoard of free things...

Ta da!!

Now you may think I'm a little strange getting excited about this but here are some reasons why they are so great..

-Samples of shampoo/ conditioner are soo useful for travelling for a few days or taking to the gym. It saves either taking big bottles or transferring liquids into little bottles. Same goes for all the other beauty samples!

-I have got 22 cups of tea and at least 5 cups of coffee worth of free tea and coffee! That's quite a lot of cups!

I found most of these by putting 'free stuff' into google and going through the websites that it comes up with! Some of them are also from magazines (the bottom row in the photo).

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