Thursday, 5 January 2012

Recent fashion purchases/ the last for a while?

By urbancode at ASOS. This was a major purchase for me.. I've wanted a leather jacket for ages but have struggled to find one that I like for under £100. This one was £77 (which is a lot for me!) and I'm so glad that I took the plunge. I love it! The fur collar is detachable which I think will be good for summer/ when fur collars aren't in any more. I hope I'll be wearing this jacket for many years to come!

Here starts my obsession with playsuits... These were both from ASOS and were £12 each. I didn't mean to keep both, I meant to send one back but I liked them both... doh! Oh well! I've worn both already and while I really like them, one downside of them is that they were a pain to get out of when I wanted to go to the loo!

That's my recent 'haul' as people like to say. I'm not sure I like the word haul, I'm not sure I'll use it again.. Anyway, something I've been thinking about for the new year is to try and impose a ban on spending any money on clothes... Dun dun dun.. will I be able to do it? Who knows? It may end up being just a January ban, but we'll see.

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