Friday, 27 January 2012

Thrifty and Frugal..

Another type of blog that I enjoy reading are personal finance blogs. Now I wouldn't say that I'm the best person with money. I'm not very good at being strict with myself and I'm quite good at just not thinking about money when I spend it and then avoiding bank statements. I know.. I know.. not very clever!

I'm just about to start a my first real job and so this will be the first time I'll have been paid a real salary (other than from the bank or mum and dad!). I'm really going to make an effort to be good with money and am trying to turn over a new leaf. Here are some ways that I am being or I'm going to try and be thrifty and frugal and better at managing my money. . .
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-The other day I'd realised that I'd been subscribing to a credit rating website for TWO YEARS (!!) having not read the small print. This may not have happened if I'd been more eagle-eyed when checking my bank statements but I don't try and account for every transaction, I just looked for abnormalities. Well I cancelled this as soon as I found out about it but it really showed me that I need to check my statements more closely! Now I'll be £6.99 a month better off! Doh!

-I have made an excel spreadsheet to track my money! It has colours and code and everything :-) Now I just need to remember to use it!

-I have opened an ISA. Having a salary for the first time also means paying tax!

-I have claimed back some tax from a savings account that I shouldn't have paid last year.

-I was also majorly overcharged on my mobile bill, but after about 30 hours on the phone to orange, I think I'm one small phone call away to reclaiming my money. I had to get authoritative. It was scary!

-I have spent lots of time making greetings cards before I actually start my job and get really busy. This may save me a few pennies! Has also kept me occupied!

-Not buying clothes/ shoes/ make up. I haven't bought any in January. It was a close call with the topshop website but my conscience won. I also have a black tie dinner and I haven't bought anything new! These types of events in the past have always solicited a new purchase of some sorts!


  1. Woo! Nice job not buying new clothes. My suggestion is to go through all your clothes to find stuff you forgot you owned, and thus replicate a shopping experience in your home. Plus, being more aware of what I own has made me less tempted to buy new stuff (i.e. when seeing a cute pair of fishnets, I'm like - but don't you have like 10 pairs already at home? And then I put them back)

    1. Thanks for the tip :) I'll have a rummage and see what I can find!