Thursday, 26 January 2012

My make up volume 2

Here is the second post in this series.. my eye stuff!

Eye stuff: 1. Benefit Primpcess kit 2. Clinique eye shaodow duo in deco dense * 3. Lancome eye shadow set * (positive, model, floralesque, daylight, best dressed, excursion and lezard) 4. Hard Candy buttered popcorn 5. M+S duo in goldrush 6. Clinique duo, beach plum 7. Clinique duo, frozen smoke 8. Body shop 08 9. Urban Decay Naked palate 10. Various pencils, many old and random although the Benefit Bad Gal was free in a magazine. 11. Barry M Gold liquid liner. 12. Benefit Magic Ink liquid liner 13. Clinique lash power mascara 14. Clinique high impact mascara. 15. Maybelline the falsies.

Before quite recently, I only wore eyeshadow in the evenings of for special occasions but since receiving the naked palate for Christmas, I’m becoming more adventurous. I think my favourite colours in it are sin and toasted. I also really like the benefit primpcess set. You get a really polished look using the colours in it! You can see that I favour gold-y type colours generally. I’ve got quite deep-set eyes so I’m slightly cautious of overly dark colours.

I like liquid liner but wouldn't rave about the benefit one. When this is used up I think I'll get a gel liner. The maybelline one is meant to be good and is affordable so I'll probably buy that one. 

I do like myself a good mascara. The two Clinique ones here are my favourites. The lash power is a tubing mascara and so stays on forever! It has a tiny brush but it separates my eyelashes really well. The High impact is my favourite for evenings as it looks less natural and its more volumnising. I’m not sure I could pick between them as they both serve a different purpose. The Maybelline one I got recently after hearing good things about it. It’s fine but doesn’t compare to high end ones. It clumps a bit and is really difficult to remove (I got the waterproof one!). Another really good one I’ve tried in the past is Diorshow. Expensive, but worth it! If anyone has some recommendations for a cheaper mascara that lives up to the high end equivalents, I’d love to hear it!

Volume 3, lip products coming up soon!

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