Saturday, 4 February 2012


Lately I have been struggling with my inner self and my views on consumerism vs. minimalism. I can go from vowing to throw out all but 30 of my most prized possessions  to 30 mins later doing some sneaky online shopping...

From pinterest - Would I want this?... Yes.. or Maybe...Hmmm

The result of these battles has favoured consumerism and I am the owner of various shiny new items! All my purchases have been in the sale and have been what I consider a really good deal but they have undoubtedly taken me further away from my 30 piece fabulous capsule wardrobe. You know why I think I want to buy things? Well it's mainly because I spend quite a long time browsing blogs and youtube channels watching hauls and looking at outfit of the days etc. I spot things and think.. Oh..well I neeed a pair of studded boots! This is what I think I have a problem with. A while ago, I was about to buy a leather mini skirt for £20 just because a. it was a 'good deal' and b. because it was fashionable. I know the chances of me actually wearing this mini-skirt would have been slim. I lack confidence and I rarely go to events where a leather mini-skirt is normal. I normally put things in my basket then falter for a while deciding whether I really need something. Sometimes, by the time I've decided to buy it, it's sold out which is probably quite lucky!  However, I bought a really pretty floral blouse that I know I'll get a lot of wear out of. I don't mind buying things like this that I know I will get my wear out of! I also bought some red jeans for £9.99 from Zara and a long sleeved mustard coloured top from New Look for £3. I also did some online shopping for potential work shirts from Crew but they haven't arrived yet so if they're terrible, they might go back!

Enough with the justification... I've picked up a few good tips from minimalism blogs to try and work out what I actually wear in my wardrobe to try and slim it down a little to make up for the extra few items.

On another note, I find it really funny when people are doing hauls and they say I 'picked up' this and I 'picked up' that.. Does anyone else think it sounds like they just wandered up, picked the thing up and then wandered out without paying.. or is that just me !?

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