Saturday, 21 January 2012

My make-up volume 1

So it is popular on youtube and blogs and such for people to do make-up collection tours. These are a guilty pleasure of mine! I think it’s interesting seeing what people like and what they spend their money on. The ones I usually see are by beauty ‘gurus’ whose idea of a small collection is 20 blushes and only ‘a handful of MAC eye shadows’. Well I thought I’d do a make up collection too, just for shiggles. I’ll be honest; I mainly took pictures as I was sorting through it this morning, throwing out a few ancient things (ie. Things I bought for my 5th year prom age 16 (I’m now 23!!)). My collection is a hellava lot bigger than it was five years ago because I have since gotten into higher end brands and following blogs etc. As I don’t have a lot, I prefer to spend money on a few nice things rather than lots of cheap things. Also I’m a sucker for free gifts with purchase or free gifts in a magazine. Just so you can see how many I’ve got that way, I’ve starred them! 

 1. Clinique almost makeup in 04 deep 2. laura mercier tinted moisturizer in bisque 3. Garnier roll-on concealer 4. Clinique concealer in 02 medium 5. Benefit it stick* 6. Benefit eye bright* 7. Urban decay primer potion 8. Benefit high beam* 9. Clinique colour rub in rose lustre, 10. Benefit cha cha tint (love this!) 11. Sleek contour kit in light 12. Rimmel blush in smoked oyster 13. MUA blush in shade 2 14. No. 7 eyeshadow (that I use on my cheeks) in antique rose *.

Mmm what to say about face products.. I am very happy not wearing foundation. Both the ‘bases’ that I have are tinted moisturizers really. I actually prefer my skin sans base if it’s having a good day although the laura mercier tinted moisturizer is excellent in looking like skin (so worth the high price, although it was a birthday present)!

I’ve recently got into blushes and I think the coral colour of cha cha tint suits my skin tone. I also like the MUA pink blush. It was only £1 but I wasn’t sure about how I felt about such a pink blush so obvious so I didn’t want to spend loads. You can’t go wrong with £1!

I quite like having a glow hence the highlighters. I hate the powdery look and recently got rid of my only (and very old) rimmel powder which I think was making matters worse by being the wrong colour! I don’t really have a shine problem but maybe that should be my next investment, a powder that doesn’t look powdery but will make my make up stay on longer.

I was going to put all the photos in one post but thought that would be a bit of an overload so they’ll come in installments! Stay tuned for ‘my make-up volume 2 -Eye stuff’!!


  1. Just realized that you already use the cha cha benefit tint as a blush- so that makes most of my other comment on your makeup for lips post irrelevant, but still! Awesome! I'm jealous of all your stuff.

    1. No worries :) I find the cha cha tint better on my skin tone and a lot easier to blend. When I use Benetint I end up with nice rosy perfect circles on my cheeks that makes me look like a doll (and not in a good way)! Maybe I'm doing something wrong lol ...