Saturday, 4 February 2012

My 30 piece capsule wardrobe

My 30 piece capsule wardrobe
From polyvore

My 30 piece capsule wardrobe by bm25 featuring skinny fit jeans

I thought more about this 30 item capsule wardrobe mentioned in jest here and I thought it'd be fun to create a fantasy capsule wardrobe inspired from my own clothes using polyvore.

Not all of my recent buys make the cut (oops!). I felt sad when I had to replace my uncomfortable but pretty leopard print mocascins with a waterproof jacket. Boo! The reality is that I lead an active life and the waterproof makes more sense but! These clothes would allow me to do my hobbies (save extra equipment, which I included things like thermals, proper waterproofs etc..)

So here we go..

Coats and Jackets:
1. Black blazer- Will make up a suit or can smarten up jeans or a dress.
2. Leather jacket- mentioned here. Can be smart or casual and was too expensive not to include!
3. Grey Funnel neck coat- Need a warm, smart coat for UK weather. Mine is darker than this one and from Zara.
4. Black waterproof jacket- UK weather.. need I say more? I am also fairly active!
5. Black smart trousers- For work. Had mine for years.
6. Brown smart trousers- Just bought these from M+S. Were a bargain in the sales.
7. Dark jeans- I would have liked to include more than 1 pair of jeans but 30 things fill up quite quickly!
8. Jogging bottoms- For exercising/ lounging
9. Zip-off walking trousers- For travelling/ sailing/ walking. Would rather something prettier but nevermind!
10. Beige cardigan- This goes with everything! Mine is from Zara.
11. Navy cashmere V neck- A bit of luxury! Last years Christmas present.
12. Red cashmere jumper- A bit more luxury! This years Christmas present.
13. Purple fleece hoody- Warmth/comfort.
14. Board shorts- For active things in the summer.
15. Denim shorts- I really do live in shorts in the summer!
T-shirts/ tops:
16. White- I'm definitely too messy for only 1 white t shirt though!
17. Black tank top
18. Yellow tank top- one of my fave colours <3
19. Stripey long sleeve t shirt. Mine is from topshop. Could be smart if needed.
20. Pink/ white collared shirt. Mine is from Crew
21. Cream long sleeved lace top. I love this, mine is french connection! It's very classy!
22. Short sleeve flowery blouse. Recent purchase from H&M.
23. Flowery sun dress- For girly days and summer tea parties.
24. American Apparel purple multiway dress- This is made for a capsule wardrobe. It can be worn so many ways. You can watch a video explaining some of the ways here.
25. Black smart dress- I got mine tailored in Vietnam so I couldn't not include this!
26. Black flats
27. Birkenstocks- I did orgionally have cheap flip flops as well but these are comfy too which is a bonus!
28. Trainers
29. Ankle boots
30. Black heels- Nude ones would also be good!

 If I had another 5 items I think I'd include more casual tops, a pair of pretty flat sandals and a skirt.

My next mission is to work out what accessories I'd need lol! I think I'd need a lot to add variety to some outfits! This has actually been a really fun exercise and has made me think what I really need the clothes for! There are a lot of things that I'm sad I couldn't include but many that I think I could do without!  Also another good thing is that rather than look at things that you want to buy to make a capsule wardrobe, it makes you look at what you already have! If anyone else has a go, i'd love to see yours!

Edit* It's pretty funny, I've actually been back and edited this a few times because I've been thinking and suddenly thought 'oh I can't live without this' and swap something in! I swapped some knee length boots for a blouse! Also, I was thinking this wardrobe covers all seasons so maybe I'd be allowed a few extra pieces to cover the seasons ;) What makes me think I'd be no good at actually implementing this lol! hmmmm..

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  1. Wow, that was a very functional wardrobe. Only 30 items and so many possibilities!!!