Tuesday, 7 February 2012

2 alternative interview outfits

2 alternative interview outfits

2 alternative interview outfits by bm25 featuring shirts & blouses

 I saw this competition on the lovely undergrad's fabulous blog and fancied having a go. I know I can't win as I don't live in the US but I thought, I've just got that hang of this polyvore malarky so why not!?

The first outfit is something that I would wear to an interview (although not to a really formal interview- I'd stick with a dark suit for that, but that's boring!). It's preppy, girly yet very comfortable and functional. I's wear my hair down in lose waves or maybe half up.

The second is what I'd wear to an interview if I worked in a creative environment (which I don't). How cool are those trousers though!!? I kept the rest of the outfit quite plain except for a statement ring to smarten them up.

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