Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Time for tea!

As I come from a nation famous for tea drinking I thought I'd share my favourite teas. I am rather partial to a nice cup of tea and I have a few favourites that I pick depending on my mood and what I fancy.

A pretty tea cup and plate that I recently got from a charity shop

-Clipper organic tea. This is my standard tea. 'Builders tea' if you like, though it is organic! I like to start my day with a cup of this but also at any interval throughout the day. Milk, no sugar please. Friendly and reassuring, like drinking a warm hug! Goes excellently with a plain chocolate digestive biscuit (or two...).

- Twinings green tea with apple and pear. This is light and fruity and refreshing. After reading about all the great things green tea does for you, I tried to find one I liked and this is my favourite so far!

- Twinings straberry and mango tea. Some fruit teas don't taste of much but this one is really fruity. After a indecisive shopping trip a few years ago when there was an offer on these teas I ended up buying 4 of these range and this one was the only one I really liked. It's a gorgeous pink colour when brewed as well! Nice for when I don't want any caffeine.

- Char Roobois orange and eucalyptus. This is a recent purchase actually. It's loose tea so is a bit more of a hassle but I love it! It's very refreshing, the mixture of the fruity flavours mix well with the freshness of the eucalyptus. Roobois is also caffeine free so this is another good evening drink.

-Fresh mint tea. Another favourite is mint tea made with fresh mint (ie. mint leaves in hot water). This is very cleansing. It's nice if you've had quite a rich meal. We have loads of fresh mint growing in our garden so this one is also free!
From pinterest.

Does anyone have any tea recommendations?


  1. Hi Bryony
    i loved your post i really did, i've tried pretty much all u've mentioned expect the "Char Roobois orange and eucalyptus" although after u're thoughts about it i'm willing to try it!:D
    I recommend tea with cinnamon, spicy and sweet at the same time, there's a huge variety, cinnamon with apple, with lemon, green tea....

    1. Hi Ana
      I really recommend the Char tea! The shop is amazing, there was so much selection! Mmm apple and cinnamon tea sounds lovely for cold days - I might have to go tea shopping again!

  2. I love peppermint and green tea. Hibiscus tea is also one of my favourites.xx

    1. Hi Alina!
      Mmm.. peppermint and green tea sounds good! I'm also intrigued by Hibiscus tea.. I'll have to keep an eye out for it!