Monday, 12 March 2012


I'm sorry for my week long hiatus from the blog world. I've been pretty busy the past week and rather than do my usual weekly round up/ picks of the week I thought I'd share  few things I've learned in the past week with you...

I didn't ride a camel, but I wish I had done! From pinterest

- Flying makes me feel rich. In other words, time spent in airports makes me spend money I don't necessarily have in duty free shops! I purchased my first ever MAC item (!) along with a very swanky Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream lip protector.

-Being a western woman in the Arab world is a lot harder than in the UK. I appreciate being able to walk down the street without drawing stares, propositions and catcalls which certainly isn't the case in the Arabic country that I was visiting my friend the past week. I wasn't showing any skin from my neck down. I was not particularly comfortable there because of this which is such a shame as otherwise it was a beautiful country!

-Always check your flight details. Seems obvious right? Well.. apparently not for me! When I arrived at the airport to come home, I had a very confusing few minutes where I couldn't understand why my flight wasn't on the board. Turns out my flight was the following day. Doh!!

-Parents are sometimes heroes in times of need. Because of my flight debacle I had to miss loads of house share viewings in the New Town I'm moving to. My mum, bless her, picked me up from the airport and drove me straight there to stop me missing any more! I think I better order an extra big bouquet for mothers day this coming Sunday!

-Free things are not always worth taking. Notably the full English breakfast option when staying in B and Bs. Far too big, far too fatty, I always regret it. I need to remember, just say no! (I used to really like these breakfasts but I just can't stomach them any more :-().

Right... I'll try and post more regularly from now on!


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